12 Things Our 3 Year Old Likes To Do On Rainy Days

Adorable toddler girl looking at raindrops on the windowAt the time of this writing, my son is about 3 1/2 years old. The weather today is cool and wet, so we’re stuck doing inside things. This is a problem because our kid is a huge ball of energy. Don’t get me wrong – he’s completely satisfied watching Disney movies and cartoons all day, but he seriously needs to burn off some energy or he’s a dread to put to bed at night.

While we were eating lunch, I decided to ask him what were his favorite things to do inside on rainy days. Obviously, a 3 1/2 year old won’t simply list out all of his favorite things to do. I had to work to get this out of him and I took some notes while he told me his favorite things to do (and I repeatedly reminded him of the difference between inside things and outside things).

Below is a summary of all of the things I managed to get out of him during our 10 minute conversation.

  1. Play Superhero – this is no surprise right now. We’re 100% superhero all the time. When I’m not working, I’m either Robin (Batman’s sidekick), or a villian.
  2. Sword fight – this is really just an extension of “playing superhero”. Swords are one of many weapons used by superheroes, apparently. We also happened to do this right before lunch, so it was fresh in his mind.
  3. Dance – we put the TV on a music station while we were doing household chores. He does like to dance (for about 2 minutes)
  4. Play follow the leader – we never do this at home, so it must be a day care thing.
  5. Puzzles – we have a few puzzles, but he rarely goes for them, so I’m surprised this made his list.
  6. Shoot Spiderman and ducks – we have an assortment of Nerf dart guns and he’s just starting to understand how to use them. We set up a shooting gallery by putting different toys on top of block towers and take turns shooting them down. I think the grown-ups have more fun with this one than he does, but I’m glad its on his list.
  7. Play music – at first, I thought he was talking about playing his musical instruments, but he was actually talking about the music channel on the TV (which was playing in the other room while we ate lunch and made this list).
  8. Eat candy – Me: you like to eat candy on rainy days? Kid: Yes. You said I get candy after lunch. Me: But we’re talking about what we like to do on rainy days. Kid: I like to eat candy after lunch on rainy days.  Me: Ok. What else do you like to do?
  9. Read books – he’s just starting to “read” books. While he can recognize a few sight words, he’ll look at the pictures and make up his own story based on what he sees or on what he recalls from us reading the story to him.
  10. Play with cars – Hot Wheels (and Matchbox) cars were one of my favorite childhood toys, so I’ve gone a little overboard buying him cars. We’ve filled up a large storage case with cars and I’m happy to play with him whenever he wants.
  11. Make a movie theater – we’ve done this maybe twice ever, but there must be something memorable about closing all the blinds and turning off the lights to watch a movie.
  12. Pretend to be a dog