Winter Walks On Midlothian VA Trails

In the central Virginia winter, the weather can still be quite nice. During a few January weekends we went out walking on the paths in our neighborhood, Woodlake. There are 11 miles of trails and lots to see along the way including the Swift Creek Reservoir, small playgrounds and plenty of wildlife. One Saturday we walked to the boat house and had a picnic by the water.

walking with daddy



There are other areas where we walk when the weather is nice as well. The canal walk downtown is great for families to walk or bike along the trail. You can take the bridge over to Brown’s Island or a longer hike over to Belle Isle. Bring a picnic or hit up a local restaurant near by. One nice family-friendly restaurant is Bottoms Up Pizza.

One trail our family has been wanting to try is Mid-Lothian Mines Park. They have a lot of wildlife but also exhibits along the trails and during the year some tours and events.

I found a website that has trails by state so if you are traveling and want to find some fun local places to take a walk, check it out.  Walking or hiking with your family can include short or long walks but it is free, good for your health and you never know what you may find while exploring.  Where does your family like to walk or hike? We would love to find some new places for this spring.