How We Battle The Flu

In our house, we’ve been passing around and fighting little seasonal colds for what seems like an eternity already this year. To make matters worse, Stacey tested positive for the Type A Influenza virus this past week. I immediately went into battle mode. I AM NOT getting the flu.

It’s probably not worth noting, but I’m going to point it out anyway: Stacey is the only one in our household who has received the flu vaccine this year.

As of today, I have yet to get the flu (knock on wood). Below are the steps I’ve taken to avoid the spread of the flu and stay healthy. I’m no doctor, and this should not be construed as medical advice.

Flu warning

Steps We Took To Fight The Flu

1. Quarantine

Isolate the infected family member(s) as much as possible from the rest of the house. We have a spare bedroom where my wife was banished to for a couple days.

2. Sanitize

Sanitize everything you touch. Sanitize everything touched by the infected people in your house.  I used Lysol wipes on doorknobs, faucet handles, the refrigerator door, etc. Wash your own hands frequently using soap and water. Use hand sanitizer regularly.  Change out hand towels in the kitchen and bathrooms every day.

3. Hydrate

Drink lots and lots of non-carbinated, non-caffeinated beverages. Preferably, drink water. I’ve been drinking about 8-12 ounces of water an hour most of the day.

4. Take Vitamins and Supplements

I’m not an herbal remedy nut, but I do believe there are many natural remedies to many ailments. In this case, I started taking up to three 1000mg vitamin C tablets/daily, 2 teaspoons daily of Nature’s Way Sambucus Black Elderberry Original Syrup, 8 Ounce (affiliate link), as well as a daily dose of CVS Air Shield.

That’s what has been working for us. What are you doing to combat the flu?